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The Yorkshire Children's Hospital Fund was established in 1989 to help the region's hospitals purchase essential medical and emergency equipment for their Children's Wards.​


  • Fund medical equipment that is necessary to deliver optimum care to children in Yorkshire's hospitals, when such equipment is not available through NHS sources.

  • Provide part-funding to access 'state of the art' technologies/equipment, not otherwise available in Yorkshire which are outside NHS provision.

Grants may also be given to

  • Paediatric research projects in Yorkshire which aim to improve care of sick children in the region.

  • Establish perpetual funds which will grant-aid research and improve medical facilities.

  • Provide money for the relief of family hardship created by the hospitalisation of sick children and babies.



Chair: Mrs Jo Ropner, LL

Mr Alex Duckett

Mr Ed Marsden

The Countess Peel

Ms Charlotte Platts

Mrs Louise Sampson

Mr Christy York

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